Jason Goodman - General Manager

As General Manager and Partner of Technaflora Plant Products, Jason’s leadership, dedication and philosophy of the importance of family has guided the company from its infancy to current status as an industry leader. Jason’s adherence to strong ethical business principles, combined with his conflict resolution skills, has created long-standing business relationships that are integral to Technaflora’s success.

Andrew King - Director of Operations

Partner and Director of Operations, Andrew has been directly involved in the hydroponic industry for over twenty years. Starting in retail in 1994, he has since manufactured, worked in quality control, shipping and receiving, and sales. He heads up Technaflora’s tech support program and oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. Aside from Technaflora, Andrew enjoys playing guitar and other instruments, listening to R&B, and rock and roll, searching for the next best craft beer, and also likes watching movies and late night talk shows.

Marie-Claude St. Pierre - Controller

Marie-Claude (aka MC) comes to Technaflora with 20 years’ experience in full cycle accounting. Holding a 5th level undergraduate (CGA), MC handles payroll, manages an employee RRSP and health plan, tracks and processes currency exchange, processes orders for customers in Canada, USA, and Europe, in addition to regular full cycle accounting. Working closely with the General Manager, MC’s analysis and understanding of the companies financial position at any given moment is an integral component of our day-to-day business operations.

Craig Gamache - Inventory Control & Compliance

Ensuring that our product, packaging and labeling documents, meet governmental regulatory requirements is Craig’s top priority. Craig also works closely with other departments by constantly monitoring both our inventory control and the purchasing of manufacturing materials. In addition, Craig’s exceptional computer networking knowledge makes him a highly valued internal IT resource for Technaflora.

Jen Goodman - Systems Administration

Jennifer designed the original systems at Technaflora, from data and paper flow to the bookkeeping system, as well as a variety of checks and balances. Jennifer’s extraordinary organizational skills and attention to detail have ensured the systems at Technaflora have kept pace with the company as it grows. She also plays an important role as an auditor, reviewing files and the company books to find and solve issues as they occur.

Kris Tracey - Operations Manager

Our go-to man on the production floor, Kris oversees the manufacturing, production, and logistics departments by fostering a synergy between all team members. With a wealth of knowledge gained over the years in the manufacturing industry, Kris runs a tight ship ensuring quality control and efficient production of Technaflora’s full line of products. Constantly learning, Kris maintains a current working knowledge of the complex requirements and documentation for both domestic and international shipments of fertilizer products.

Melissa Laderoute - Shipping / Receiving

With a wealth of experience in the manufacturing industry, Melissa plays an important role at Technaflora. She has a strong determination to exceed quality and customer service standards pertaining to the shipment of Technaflora’s products and the receiving of our supplies. Melissa has an excellent track record of consistently elevating the productivity of the shipment department.

Marcel Mpuanga - Lead Manufacturer

As lead manufacturer, Marcel carefully monitors the quality control and production of our brand of plant products from the preparation of inputs in the laboratory, to the finished batches being pumped to the bottling line. Marcel works to ensure precision and accuracy of both measurements and procedures throughout the manufacturing process, which is the keystone for producing our exceptional products.

Iwona Skapska - Lead Production & Packaging

Iwona has years of experience in product packaging and production. Her attention to detail is second-to-none when it comes to quality control. Her maintenance of the bottling line and related machinery, and commitment to maintaining a work safe environment are strong contributions to the harmony of our production floor. Iwona’s accuracy, efficiency and speed, allow her to expedite multiple orders with ease and she is an excellent example for new production staff often directly orientating them to their new roles.

Sherry Flynn - Product Assembly

Sherry comes to Technaflora with a number of years of experience working in production. She is skilled in product preparation, bottling, labeling and packaging. Her enthusiasm and drive helps maintain the steady rhythm of the production floor.