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Australian company moves one step closer towards carbon-neutral hemp home

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An Australian company has moved one step closer towards building a carbon-neutral home from hemp. Perth-based Mirreco announced last year it had developed hemp-based building panels that could, at one stage, be 3D-printed into floors, walls and roofs. While the company hasn’t quite got around to the 3D-printing, on Monday it announced that construction on its first hemp-based dwelling would break ground later this year. Branded Project Lumecast, the mini hemp-based home will be built at Development WA’s East Village at Knutsford, near Fremantle, WA. The one-bedroom display home will be made from hemp-based panels and feature windows that double as solar panels. Smart power points will monitor energy usage. And high-end finishes will show luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. “Everybody still wants luxury. They buy with their heart,” said Daniel Patterson, principal of Arcforms and the architect who designed the home. Read full article at THE NEW DAILY