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Hotboxing the White Cube: The Rise of Cannabis Culture in High Art
SOURCE: canadianart

Image from Seaton

Pot is more visible than ever in North American pop culture. And it’s reaching into contemporary art, too Walk or drive around any major North American city these days and it’s hard to miss the signs that pot is on the rise. In recent months, billboards for Weedmaps—the website and app that promises “the most reliable online resource to find cannabis storefronts, doctors and deals,” a kind of Yelp for pot—have been installed on highways and subway platforms from Toronto to New Orleans and from Phoenix to Vancouver. At sidewalk level, storefront dispensaries have grown tenfold in some Canadian cities in little over a year. And public video screens displaying 24-hour news stations have, in recent weeks, featured footage of people like former Toronto police chief (and current Scarborough-area MP) Bill Blair proclaiming that the Trudeau government’s pot legalization efforts will make Canada safer for children. Read full article at canadianart