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Legalizing Marijuana Will Help The Environment

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Water, Soil, Hemp, And The Environment

The state of the environment is already a burning issue, but legalization can bring about significant benefits for the planet. Behind all the policy debates on how legalization benefits health and economics, there is an elephant in the room that is going up in smoke: the environmental impacts of cultivating marijuana. If legalization remains hazy, these negative impacts will be have an even worse impact on the environment. Legalization Will Give The Environment A Good Buzz If marijuana becomes completely legal, this will mean that we could actually use regulations to govern the proper safe way of marijuana cultivation with the purpose of mitigating its harmful effects on the environment. The black market is still a thriving trade particularly in California where an estimated 70% of America’s pot is grown thanks to its mild seasons which result in lush growth although. Marijuana farmers have flocked to the state because of the prospect of earning more, but the land is already severely feeling the impact. There is a chance that the weed you are smoking right now comes from California, and even from the sensitive watershed areas where most of the state’s black markets are located which actually threaten wildlife and biodiversity. Read full article at