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Countless are the connections between art and marijuana. Over the centuries, a multitude of artists of all kinds have used cannabis to carry out artistic activities of various kinds. From musicians to painters, actors and philosophers have used this substance in their creative processes. Next, we will review artists who admit, or have admitted, to use marijuana and who publicly defend its consumption.

Historical review

But first, let’s take a brief historical look at the relationship between marijuana and humans. As early as the third millennium B. C., there is strong evidence of human cannabis use in Asia. Later, the first civilizations, such as the Assyrians or the Scythian peoples, were already aware of the psychoactive effects of marijuana and consumed it with religious or simply leisure motives. And from these beginnings to the present day, it has not ceased to be consumed in practically all civilizations; This is demonstrated by the pipes with cannabis remains found in many archaeological settlements. From Asia to America, passing through Europe and Africa, we find physical evidence of the consumption of the substance. Read full article at GEASEEDS