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Marijuana and Music: How Are They Related?
SOURCE: MassRoots

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The first place I ever smoked pot was in the general admission section of a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, Colorado. I still remember the show vividly, as well as the smiling, shirtless, blond guy who handed me the joint with one arm while the other was wrapped like a tentacle around his girlfriend’s waist. What was this? Something I’d never experienced before? I partook, and immediately noted that the clarity of my sensory experience had improved, as well as the fact that all my asthma symptoms from climbing up to the amphitheater were completely gone. I’ve always had a special connection with music, and the expression of ideas, concepts, and emotions through it – many, if not all, cannabis users share this connection. Music today is often associated with different mind-altering experiences; cannabis has traditionally been associated with jazz, blues, hip-hop, EDM, and of course rock n’ roll. But what is it about music that encourages us to take that first hit or load up an extra-big dab before we put on our wireless headphones and tend to our plants? Various cannabis users have tried to put the feeling into words: one user said it made him feel “As though I stepped into a different world…a state of euphoria…amazing closed eye visuals”; another forum member said “It’s like the first time you heard the song. It just sounds so much better. You hear the background sounds more clearly.” Yet another member described listening to music and using cannabis as “eargasmic” and “becoming one with whatever I happen to be listening to.” Read full article at MassRoots