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Want Your Cannabis Farm To Be Ecologically Beneficial? Try Regenerative Agriculture

Image courtesy of @greensourcegardens

The laundry list of cannabis cultivation slights against the environment is long and growing. With many stories in the media criticizing cannabis growers for needing too much water to irrigate their plants or too much energy to light and cool their grow ops, one could be forgiven for starting to believe that maybe the marijuana industry is nothing more than a big blight on the environment. It’s true, growing marijuana can involve a huge carbon footprint, but there are many ways to conserve water when growing as well as being mindful of your energy expenditure, and more and more farms are becoming more and more sustainable. But what if your goal goes beyond sustainability? What if your end goal is to symbiotically benefit the environment and give back to your ecosystem as you grow your high-value plants? Read full article at BIG BUDS